Episode 15: Grand Theft Taco

October 18, 2017

Making his debut on the podcast is Ose Aligbe! He joins Joey to talk about the new NBA season! They discuss new players in new cities, give predictions for MVP, and pick playoff teams! They also talk about stealing millions of dollars of Fajitas! All that and more on this episode of The BBB Podcast!


Episode 14: Who’s Line is it Anyways?

October 10, 2017

Joining Ryan and Joey for his debut is Tom Jackson! The trio preview the Texas vs OU game! They always talk about NBA potentially reseeding playoff teams! They also talk Dolphins, coke, and strippers. Should be a fun listen on this episode of the Balls Buckets and Bull Podcast!


Episode 13: LaDrop Out

October 5, 2017

Joey and Derek welcome guest Joe McMahon! The trio talks Westbrooks extension, NFL after 4 weeks, and some hockey takes! They also talk about Lavar Ball removing Lamelo from school! All that and more on this episode of The BBB Podcast!


Episode 12: Three’s Company

September 28, 2017

Ryan and Derek join Joey for the first 3 man of the podcast! We talk Dwyane Wade to the Cavs, Rick Pitino playing dirty, and the awful take that is Ryan's beer rank. 


Episode 11: Like father, like Sandusky

September 24, 2017

Join Derek and Joey for a jam packed episode! They talk about the UT vs USC game, Cowboys implosion, and the Carmelo Anthony trade! They also talk about KD's fake twitter accounts, Mcdonalds babies, and Jeffrey Sandusky! All that and more on this epidode of The BBB Podcast!


Episode 10: You Cruz, you lose

September 13, 2017

Joey brings on guest Derek Nissen for an NFL week 1 recap! Derek also comes in packing his rankings of domestic beer and shots! And you know we couldn't let the Ted Cruz story slide...


Episode 9: Dance with the one that Brock you

September 6, 2017

Joey and Ryan talk about Zeke's suspension and what happens next. They also answer some dating questions and talk about Brock Osweiler returning to the Broncos! 


Episode 8: NFC South, Zeke suspension

September 1, 2017

Ryan and Joey finish up the division breakdowns with the NFC South! They also talk about the updates surrounding the Zeke suspension! All that and more on this episode of The BBB Podcast


Episode 7: AFC South, Mayweather Vs. McGregor

August 24, 2017

Ryan joins Joey to break down the AFC South! They also talk about how the Mayweather Vs. McGregor fight has gotten so big and what makes it different than other fights!


Episode 6: Kyrie Trade, Mayweather Vs. McGregor, NFC West!

August 22, 2017

In a massive episode, Eric Stairs makes his debut to join Joey and talk about the Kyrie Trade! They also preview the Mayweather vs McGregor fight and the NFC west division!